The Process Behind
The Best Day


In March 2013 The Best Day closed a $1.1m investment round to fund the launch of the social event scheduling platform.

This is how we did it.

The Client


Founder Whitney Komor had the idea for The Best Day following a frustrating attempt at organising a weekend away with her girlfriends. She thought it would be easier to lock in your group if you could send them time, date and place options, and invite each person to vote based on their availability and preferences.

We followed whitney through her crazy adventures with The Best Day, even appearing on television as her development team in a segment on Today Tonight, which was great fun!

The Project

               The Best Day's logo.


          The Best Day's logo.


Like many startups, sometimes getting the right development team takes a few tries. There are unfortunately so many teams out there who claim expertise, but don't have any experience to back it up. Whitney asked for all the right things, but was let down by her contractees. She had a design done, but it was from a team who had little experience with interaction and web design, so they designed something unfamiliar and hard to understand. She even had an entire product built, but from a single developer, which didn't actually work. It was built with poor technical decisions, and was full of rot and technical debt. Although rewriting a project usually is a sign that the project has failed, there are cases where working with an existing codebase is so confusing and creates so many regressions, it is much faster just to start again.

We worked with Whitney to reduce her feature set to create a minimum viable product as quickly as possible, stripping away many broken (and ultimately unnecessary) features and tried to focus on the core mission: to organise events between friends.