We have a true passion for software.


Here's why our team is different.


Rob Saunders

Currently in Berlin, Germany.

Rob founded the company in 2011 with two co-founders and whilst the partnership was short-lived, he led the business to success as the sole company owner. A self-confessed technical generalist, he brings varied skills to the business drawing on his previous roles as an entrepreneur and business owner, user experience lead, senior software developer and graphic designer for some of the largest tech companies in Australia including realestate.com.au and World Nomads.

In his spare time, he makes music.

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Core skills

  • User experience research
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Interaction and web design

Jay Rapson

Currently in Hobart

Jay came to We Are Brand New in 2012 when the company was working from an office based in Sydney, but initially worked alongside the core team in 2008 in another company. Over his development career he has been intensly focused on improving his skills across the web stack from server automation to front end, delving into iOS when the need arises. An advocate for clean and beautiful code, he believes the best way to solve complex problems is with simplicity.

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  • Software development
  • Database design
  • System design
  • iOS development

Michael Shaw

Currently in Sydney

Michael brings a sharp logical mind to the project, with a long history in development, scaling and infrastructure, natural language parsing, artificial intelligence and complex data manipulation. He amazes us continually with his passion to truly understand and solve complex problems.

Core Skills

  • Software development

  • Database design 

  • System design

  • Search technologies

  • Infrastructure scaling