BetterBills, formerly known as SplitIt, has been successfully helping Australian consumers compare and understand privatised insurance for several years now. We helped them as their core product team, building the initial product and leading it to a highly successful and high profile launch.

This is how we helped them do it.

The Client


Tim and his co-founder Andrew, approached Brand New in it's infancy. They were great to work with and shared our passion for transparent, honest software.

The Project

Like many of our clients they previously had a prototype written by a sole developer, which was severely full of code rot and bugs. We took what we could from the original and took a few steps back, distilling the product into a simpler feature set we could launch in just five weeks. We had also inherited a fairly rough looking design, which we redesigned to be more modern and reflective of the company's up front values.

The original design.

Updated design.